Wednesday, September 7, 2011

124, 125, 126 - F, G, and H Zentangled letters ATCs

Title says it all - more Zentangled letter ATCs.

123 - "fork" ATC

So, I mentioned before that I've been in a rut. An all-Zentangle rut. Don't get me wrong, I love Zentangles, but when suddenly every ATC I make is one... that's boring.

So I decided to join some ATC swaps on swap-bot that are a bit outside my comfort zone. Swaps which might actually push me to try some new things.

Starting with this ATC for the Beautiful Swear Words #2 swap:

Yes, I censored it with a bit of paper. You know, my mom occasionally reads this blog! So we're going to pretend that this says "fork". Okay? Okay.

117 to 122 - more. more, more Zentangles

Yes... more of them. The good thing about these is that they convinced me that I really am in a Zentangle rut (meaning, a rut where I've been making nothing but Zentangles) and I have a project to push myself out of it... more on that in the next post :)