The Project

The original project, the reason for starting this blog, is below. On August 2, 2011, that project finished, but not the blog. My plan is to continue making ATCs, numbering them as I go, and see how many I can make.

 The Original Project

My goal: to see if I can create 100 ATCs in 100 days.

Time frame: I started on April 24th, so I'll finish on August 2nd.

Rules: no rules, just creating ATCs. I'm not limiting myself to one ATC every day - some days I'll do more, and some days I'll do less.

Why blog it? To keep track of what I've made. To see how my ATCs change over time. To show off :) To see if I can actually stick with a project for 100 days.

25 days - Thursday, 19 May - I had 28 ATCs completed. So I'm ahead of schedule.
50 days - Monday, 13 June - I had 46 completed... behind schedule.
75 days - Friday, 8 July - I had 56 done. So, now I'm quite behind schedule. Oh, well!