Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zentangles... or not?

So, here are 6 ATCs, all drawn by me to avoid hurt feelings. Which are Zentangles and which aren't?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

yet more Zentangles

My stash of ready-made ATCs was a bit low, so over the course of several days (and several films), I made these. I've run out of black paper, so I couldn't make a traditional frame for them. So I decided not to make a square frame like I usually o, but something more organic and curvy. I'm not really sure I like the way that idea turned out, but... anyway, here they are :)

Zentnagle L, M, N

L, M, and N Zentangle ATCs. The L amd M are done as the previous ones, meaning I used only patterns starting with those letters. For N, I just couldn't find enough patterns that I liked, so that one is just random!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

October ATCs

Oops... October sort of slipped by without me posting anything! Well, a quick catch-up of some of the things I made in the last month.

A needle book for a swap:

And a new pencil case for myself:

Yet another panda ATC for a tag:

This ATC for the Zentangled inchies ATC swap. Drawing on top of watercolored paper was a new experience for me, and I liked how the paper interacted with the ink:

And, just yesterday, this ATC for the 100,000! swap. It's... kinda creepy. The eyes were one of the first bits I did, and then they just kept staring at me gleefully... but with a slightly evil glee, you know?