Friday, July 1, 2011

51, 52, 53: Thread sea ATCs

Actually, I finished these ATCs before #50 below, but who's counting?

I really, really, really love these ATCs. There's something about the texture, simplicity, and movement of them. Is it really over dramatic if I say that they were almost theraputic to work on? Hm, that does sound a bit crazy...

Anyway, these are fabric front and back with a cardboard inside for stability.

Updated: as I'm going through and naming all my posts (to be able to find an ATC if I want), I had to come up with a name for this technique. Tomi suggested this one, and after first misunderstanding it as "threadsy" and "thread see", I decided that "thread sea" was a pretty good name.


  1. I'm very happy with this ATC. I posted it on my blog today. I like your tutorial of the window in an ATC too. Must give it a try someday!

  2. These look really neat. I'll have to try making one :)