Tuesday, August 2, 2011

up to 93 rainbows

These are made from scraps from a massive Trip Around the World quilt I made some years ago.

Since these are the last 10 ATCs of the project, I hate to end on a negative note, but I do not like these ATCs. They're lumpy. Some of them are lumpy back to front, others are lumpy side to side, and the really rebellious ones are lumpy in every direction.

The first was the white-bordered one. It's middle is interfacing, and the white binding is actually the back folded over to the front.

The middle 8 are all the other non-bound ones. They're just front and back layered, sewn and turned right side out, with cardboard stuck in the middle for stability. The fact that there are so many seams makes them lumpy around the edges of the cards.

The last one was the black-bound one. The binding is some pre-made bias tape I found in the stash. I fused the front and back to cardboard, then bound it. It's actually the best of the bunch, but it is still a little poofy in the center.

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