Saturday, November 12, 2011

yet more Zentangles

My stash of ready-made ATCs was a bit low, so over the course of several days (and several films), I made these. I've run out of black paper, so I couldn't make a traditional frame for them. So I decided not to make a square frame like I usually o, but something more organic and curvy. I'm not really sure I like the way that idea turned out, but... anyway, here they are :)


  1. The atc's turned out great. I love how you used zentangles in the atc's!

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  2. hello. i'm your partner in check out my blog #6. hmmm i still am not sure about these zentangles. i'm not sure about the style! it looks a little tough. i love your cards.

  3. the curve frame looks nice, especially on the bottom blue one.

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  4. It's always fun to try to put a new spin on something you've been doing for a while! It makes it seem fresh and new, and trust me these look pretty fun!
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