Sunday, December 4, 2011

ATC Jams

I started a couple of ATC Jams swaps on swap-bot. Jams are sets of three similar ATCs which have been worked on by three people. The first person starts the ATCs by picking out three similar backgrounds. The second person adds something to the ATCs (something similar to each of the three). The third person adds something else and finishes the ATC. Then each person gets to keep one of the three finished ATCs.

I started three Jams swaps. So I needed nine background to start with. Once again, I used the lovely IKEA napkins as a starting point:

I divided them into sets of three and sent them off on their journeys.

The first ATCs I received as part of these swaps were backgrounds started by Dar:

I added some Zentangling to them and sent them off to the third person to finish:

The next set of background I received were these:

My partner in this case didn't understand that all three backgrounds should be similar. We discussed it and she offered to resend, but since I love a challenge, I told her not to bother. So I ended up cutting them up and putting them back together to create these:

Which are some of the weirdest ATCs I've ever made; I consider it a mark of my confidence in partner #3 that I sent these on to her, believing that she'll be able to do something great with them!

And just this Friday I received two sets of ATCs from two different people; both sets are two-thirds finished and just waiting for me to finish them and send them back:

The bottom set was easy to do. I knew that it needed a word, so I pulled out my old dictionary and looked for something related to music. I settled on harmónia, harmonikus, and harmonizál (harmony, harmonious, and harmonize), which in addition to being music-related, also have a nice superficial connection to három (three), the number of people who worked on the project (I know that there's no actual etymological connection, it just sounds nice).

The second set was a bit more difficult. I stared at it for most of the weekend, wondering what to do to finish it, and in the end I settled on the answer that was the first thing that came to mind: Zentangle. Since it was kind of sparkly already, I used my new silver pen on it. The effect is interesting; the tangles are actually rather hard to see until you tilt the ATC and it catches the light in the right way. Unfortunately, it didn't photograph too well:

I can't wait to see how the rest of them all turn out!

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  1. Thanks for posting my "mistake" and how you fixed it - I couldn't remember what I'd sent and couldn't figure out what you'd done. Now it makes sense. These were a lot of fun to do.