Friday, December 30, 2011

Blue Ribbon ATC

So back in August 2005, right before I left the States for Hungary, my quilt group had it's annual picnic, including the showing of our challenge quilts. That year, the challenge involved using a certain fabric, as well as drawing at random a quote to interpret in your quilt. My quote was something about postage stamps, so of course I did a Postage Stamp / Trip Around the World quilt. See that one fourth from the left? See that lovely rainbow effect? Those are hundreds and hundreds of 3/4" squares:

Anyway, as part of the festivities, we gave out ribbons for the quilts. I was in charge of making the ribbons (made from fabric, of course), and I ended up winning two of them.

Long story short, I re-found the quilt, and the ribbons. The quilt is on the bed, and the ribbons have been staring at me from my crafting table. So I decided to make a blue ribbon ATC:

The ATC in close-up:

The blue "ribbon" parts aren't sewn down, so they move a bit. The white center of the ribbon is backed with an extra circle of interfacing. I was too lazy to go find interfacing scraps, so I just cut a circle out from an extra ATC back I had nearby. Which left me with this:

Which is, of course, the start of tomorrow's project...

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