Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art Journal

So here's one of the non-ATC projects I've worked on recently. I offered to host this swap as an international version of someone else's swap. Other than the sentence-a-day thing, I've never swapped a journal or art journal before. But 5 pages seemed pretty doable, so I decided to go for it.

Honestly, what a terrible way to start the year. I did not enjoy this swap, not one bit. I seriously considered canceling the swap. It was just too much pressure, and this was one of the few times I've ever felt pressured by a swap. Maybe I set myself up for failure by watching half a hundred videos about art journaling on youtube. Have you watched them? According to the internet, there is only way proper way to make an art journal, and it involves putting twenty layers of paint onto a page in different methods. I don't paint.

Anyway. Now that the project is done, sent, received, and finished, I guess I can find one or two nice things to say about it...

The inside cover. The bird is a failed ATC which pulls out of a pocket; inside is written my name and info:

Page one; paint, silver "paint" (it's actually that junk you spray on your windows to make it look like fake snow), silver pens and glue, blue felt flowers:

Second page; hand drawn fantasy map. I'm not even a drawer, but this came out pretty cool (if I do say so myself). I think this is my favorite page:

Middle page, felt with pockets holding finger puppets:

Some simple mono-tangles:

Last page, heart themed. The realistic heart is 100% copied (or maybe traced, I don't remember) from a clip art I found online. Still, I think it looks pretty great:

Final page, another pocket with a note inside, telling about my impressions of this whole project. A bit less bluntly than I said them above, of course :)


  1. beautiful¡¡¡¡
    i love crafting

  2. This is amazing! Love the middle and finger puppets especially.

    ABD from SwapBot
    Check out my Blog #9

  3. I love this! Creative & colorful :) You make me jealous!


  4. Your art journal is extremely creative and full of inspiration. Such beautiful pages! Especially love the finger puppet page (:

    swapbot // check out my blog #9