Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Dotee ATCs

Making some ATCs with dotee dolls on them is something I've been pondering for a while, and while I was pondering, someone else made a swap for it! Actually, there were two swaps (one Europe only and one international) so I had two chances. One of the swaps was winter-themed, so I decided to make both of the cards similar and hope that I didn't get the same partner (I didn't).

On the first card I got sick of the tail getting in my way so I bunched it up to give the little dotee a bit of a blanket instead. I think I like that better than the trailing tail. But on the second ATC, the face/hair/stars thing came out much better. Anyway, these fraternal twins are off on their way to new homes now!


  1. Very nice. Icy blue, winter feeling.

  2. Just lovely!

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