Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skyrim, PU, and hearts ATCs

Despite only having half a usable hand right now (cooking accident), I've had a very productive weekend. My goal was to clear up all the swaps on my dashboard, several of which are due January 31st. The rest are due in February, but I was feeling inspired. So, I've gotten everything done and ready to go. In addition to the projects below (dotee ATCs, Zentangle pattern book and Zentangle journal), I also finished up and packed up these ATCs.

A Skyrim ATC:

A letter P and a letter U (or lowercase n) for a private swap. The P is freshly made, although the u/n is quite old; I remade it by cutting it down and mounting it on the green background:

A hearts ATC for the "Give a piece of your heart" swap. I'm not a big hearts person, but I love the colors of this one:


  1. I've never heard of Skyrim, but I do love the design and the use of stitches and cloth in your design. You make such great ATCs. Following you! (:

    swapbot // check out my blog #9

  2. My friends play Skyrim. They love the ATCs. I love the heart. The colors work really well together good call. I've never made ATCs but I signed up for my first one. I'm going to use your blog for help and inspiration. : )