Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red scrappy ATCs

I started these when I was home over Christmas, using the machine to randomly piece together some reds and greens. As I was packing to come home (I mean, the other home :) ), my mom handed my this hideously fuzzy red yarn. As you can see above, it made a good border for these ATCs. I don't know what on earth I'll do with the rest of it, though...


  1. These are very neat ATC's! I love the versatily that ATC's give... they could literally be made from almost anything! I would love to trade you for one! As for that fuzzy red yarn.... LOVE IT! Maybe you could send me some for part of our trade ;) Let me know!
    ~ MrSchiEvous @

  2. This is an awesome idea. I love how many different ways there are to make atc's and I love trying so many different mediums. I'll have to add this to my list of mediums to try. I love your blog, you're so creative.

    Kraftykaren "comment on my crafty blog #2"

  3. I've never seen ATC's like these before! I thought it was all just papercrafts, the fabric ones look awesome :)

  4. These are awesome. They are like mini quilts. I like the fuzzy red yarn.

    ~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)