Sunday, February 12, 2012

My crafting space

Here's some photos of my crafting space. Unfortunately I don't have a room of my own, but I do have my own corner (next to the heater :D ). I have my desk in the corner with my laptop, and the little movable table in front. Crafting things are slowly taking over the bookcase as well. Which is a problem, because we really need more book space...

What's not shown in these pictures is my fabric storage space, which is under the bed. To make up for it, here's a picture of my helper:

Having a cat is, I've found, the greatest way to be tidy. He's more or less trained to not go on the taller table with the computer, but the short crafting table is just at eye level for him. So if I leave interesting things on the workspace, they get knocked all over the place. Not long after the picture below was taken, the phone and the book under it took a dive.

The boxes keep things somewhat organized. They're from Ikea, and they fit just perfectly. Someday, when we get another bookcase, I'll be able to move out the novels and fill the shelves with my crafting books (currently in a pile under the coffee table) and magazines (currently stacked on top of the dresser).


  1. pretty place, congrats
    show me your craftroom #5

  2. Nice place and very neat! In fact I have been reorganizing my crafty space (since I don't have a complete room either) this weekend! I had to buy some more shelves since I am lacking some space for all the small ornaments.

    Have a nice day!

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  3. I enjoy this post because I relate so well. My new roommate has a cat. I'm learning the hard way not to leave things on top of dressers and desks. I love the craft cart. I just got one on wheels so when I'm sick of my room it's easy to wheel it to the living room : )


  4. I can relate to the shared space thing too, and I have to watch about leaving stuff out b/c I have kids (Not a cat) But, they do the same thing!
    I seriously wish I could get one of those great big scrapbooking cupboard/ desk built in things, or maybe even another bookcase too.
    Happy crafting, and cute cat BTW!
    ~MrSchiEvous @

  5. You've done a great job in your craft space! I love your little helper, too! Very cute! I can relate to needing to put everything away because of your little little helper just adores ribbon so that really needs to be away securely!
    PamV (Swap-bot Comment on my crafty blog #2)

  6. I live in an RV so I can relate to your little space. You do a wonderful job with the small space you have. Keep crafting; it's what makes our world rock!
    Be sure to yarn away from your helper. I have seen the results of that meeting first hand.
    Swap-bot Comment on my crafty blog #2

  7. I love to see other peoples crafty space. My kitty likes to be outside so I don't have that problem. However, I have two young children who like to play around in my stuff. But, I just shut the door and they can't get in. :)

    ~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)